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VIMGO P10 Smart Projector 1080P HD 10000 Lux LCD Projector Supported Android OS 40 – 120 Inch Screen

VIMGO P10 Smart Projector
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Remarkably Bright & Clear Display 

VIMGO P10 projector has native 1080p HD resolution and supports 4K videos. Enjoy up to 120 inches of awesome high-definition entertainment. Everything you watch and play is full of rich detail and vibrant colors with HDR10 and 300 ANSI lumens. (Suggested for use in dimly lit environments.)

360° Immersive Audio

The projector offers generate cinematic stereo sound with its advanced dual 5-Watt speaker units. You can also connect to the projector via Bluetooth and use it as an external Bluetooth speaker.

Innumerable Apps to Install

With Android OS, it’s more than a mere mirroring tool, as you can install your favorite apps for your projector, such as youtube, Spotify, etc. Additionally, you can customize the desktop of your projector so that it is unique to you.

Universe Connectivity

Expand P10 capabilities by connecting up your favorite HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth devices. You can even wirelessly mirror content from your phone via mirror cast and AirPlay. The device is compatible with 2.4GHz and 5 GHz network band, which allow you to enjoy higher data rates.

Dustproof Sealed Design for Longer Lifespan

Dust is a creeping venom as far as projectors in general. Almost unnoticeable at first, dust creeps in, accumulates inside, causes overheating, and poisons your optical engine, until definition gets blurry, and color and projector quality decay. The projector utilizes sealed optical engine design to ensure a significantly prolonged projection lifetime without any colour decay.

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