VR Box 2.0 Review – The 3D experience in your mobile

Before 2-3 months I wanted to try the 3D experience in my mobile show I bought from ebay VR Cardboard, a device from paper made from Google, in order to see 3D games and movies. As it is from paper, it gets dirty easily so it was thrown away. My second try wanted to be something good, but not expensive. For this reason I bought from Geekbuying the VR Box 2 with the BT remote control for the low price of 21.99$!


Vr Box 2, as it is mentioned at Geekbuying page, is send in the original package. So when you order it you must have it in mind, as the box itself is big

vr box 01 vr box 02

When we open the package, we will find inside VR Box headset & insert, Instruction guide, 3 x sticky rubber sponge pads, lens cleaning cloth, Mystery sachet, Strange plastic key, Bluetooth game controller & game controller instructions..

vr box 03

When someone holds for the very first time the Vr-Box 2, gives him a very positive impression. Vr-Box is a big, solid device, with good quality of the parts made from plastic, which are not loose or make any noise. Also the extra grill details on the front make it feel a little more premium. To be honest, I could say that for the amount of money that someone has to give to get all these, the quality is really very very good! The device has a part at the front which slides and we can place inside it our mobile. At this same part, there is the ability of a window, as for games with extended reality. There is also a hole from which the cable of the headphones can pass and connect to your mobile, so only you will listen to the movie and not everyone else. At the top side of the device we can find 2 buttons which are the Optical adjusters. By moving them, we can bring more closer or apart the lens, as we can bring them closer to us or not if you have eye problems (myopia for example). The lens included in the device are 40mm wide and they give a very good result. They are Blu-day proof, which means a 5 layer protection of your eyes, anti-radiation layer, anti-ultraviolet layer, anti-bluray layer, electrostatic adsorption layer and toughened glass layer. The Vr Box 2.0 can support devices from 4.7-6.0 inch. Having a Mi Note Pro, was not that difficult τo fit in, but of course without any case. The back place of the device, where touches your face, is filled with sponge cushioning around the rim.The material is very soft and feels well padded (it feels a lot softer than it looks in the pictures). The device has also 3 straps, using them there is no need of holding the Vr Box and sits very tight on your head.

vr box 11 vr box 12 vr box 13 vr box 14 vr box 15

Setting up for the first time…
The VR Box comes pre-assembled in a no-frills cardboard box with the few essentials you’ll need to get you going. That’s why I was saying that the box is big in the beginning. Before using the VR Box for the first time, you will have to add the three sponges (included) to the insert. Placing these yourself allows you to avoid any phone buttons being pressed when you insert your smartphone. Where and how you must put them is show in the image below.

vr box 04There is also a protective film included

vr box 05 vr box 06 vr box 07

ΒΤ Remote control
Inside the device I bought there was a BT Remote control. There is a version without it, at the price of 16.99$. If you already have one, buy the cheaper version, otherwise is better to buy the complete version with the BT remote controller. The Controller works in 4 modes: Music/Video Mode, Game Mode, VR/Self-time/Video Mode and Mouse/Self-Timer Mode. You can change the mode by pressing at the same time the right combination of buttons. How to do that you can see it at the manual included inside. The language used in the manual is in Chinese and English. The QR code found inside the manual will direct you to link to install Wechat.

vr box 16 vr box 17

Ready to use it!?
Now that everything is ready and fit, is time to try out our new device. But there are no apps, so how we gonna do it!? After search through the internet, found the correct QR code for this device. In order to use any app, first you should try using the code, which is the image below.


From there you will be able to download apps and games to use them with your VR Box 2.0. For watching movies I use the VaR’s VR Video Player

VR Box 2 is a very good VR device, cheap with very good quality for its money which includes a BT Remote Controller and all that for just 21.99$! If you are new to all these or wanna try it out, I recommend you start from VR Box 2.0. You will definitely feel this 3D experience, even more if you have a mobile with a 2k screen resolution as I do. So what do you think?

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