Xiaomi Announced Uleemark DuPont Paper Goose Down Jacket

On October 2, Xiaomi has issued an official Weibo announcement, announcing the Uleemark DuPont paper goose down jacket crowdfunding. It comes with a crowdfunding price of 459 yuan, which is equivalent to $67.

Uleemark DuPont Paper Goose Down Jacket

According to the official introduction, the Uleemark DuPont paper goose down jacket is a non-washing down jacket. As the name suggests, it uses the DuPont paper, a new patented material developed by DuPont. Although it is called paper, it is actually an environmentally friendly non-woven fabric. It is made by flashing technology and combines the advantages of paper film and fiber.

It is waterproof, anti-fouling, light weight, strong and so on. So it’s reasonable to see this material often used in high-tech fields such as industrial protective clothing, medical aseptic packaging, and aerospace.

The company also stressed that DuPont paper has a very good antifouling effect. For example, milk, coffee, beverages, spices, etc. can be wiped off with a soft cloth to achieve true no-clean. And it can withstand a temperature range of -73 ° C to 100 ° C. Thus, the Uleemark DuPont paper goose down jacket can be used in harsh environments and extreme conditions. Even when used in extremely cold conditions, the fabric is soft and hard, making the down jacket maintain excellent thermal performance.

More importantly, the DuPont paper has a good waterproof effect. The water-repellent level reaches 4. So you don’t have to worry about getting inside the clothes even if the sleet suddenly comes out, giving you a comfortable and warm wearing experience.

In addition, the Uleemark DuPont paper goose down jacket is filled with high quality 90% white goose down. The pile is large, light, and soft. The bulkiness is high, which is better than the duck down.

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