Xiaomi Announced Up To 20 New Products In One Breath

On March 29, Xiaomi announced it will hold a new product launch conference on April 1, namely ‘Aisin Do not Believe’, and at the event, the manufacturer will launch up to 20 new products within 55 minutes. Are you interested in what new products were announced at the conference? Here is the full list.

There were introduced many products, in these 20, there are real and false ones. Guess which one is true and which one is fake.

Xiaomi products

The new products launched by Xiaomi at this conference include: the Mijia multifunctional electric boiling pot (399 yuan), the Mijia pressure IH rice cooker 1S (1099 yuan), the Mijia broken wall cooking machine (699 yuan), the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner ( 1199 yuan), the Mijia sweeping robot 1S (1999 yuan), the Mijia temperature and humidity monitoring electronic watch (79 yuan), Mijia giant gel pen (19.9 yuan), the Mijia helmet protective gear set (199 yuan), the Xiaomi Mijia walkie-talkie 2 (449 yuan), the Xiaomi 1 rocket (no price yet), the Xiaomi notebook 15.6-inch (3799 yuan), the Xiaomi notebook Air 12.5-inch (3599 yuan), the Mijia children anti-blue goggles (99 yuan ), the Mijia anti-blue goggles (99 yuan), the Mijia anti-blue goggles Pro (149 yuan), the Mijia smart running shoes (999 yuan), the Xiaomi suitcase 20 inches (279 yuan), the Xiaomi suitcase lite (199 yuan), the Xiaomi suitcase 24 inches (379 yuan), and the Xiaomi suitcase 28 inches (479 yuan).

Xiaomi said that among them, the Mijia intelligent running shoes with automatic laces, the Mijia multifunctional electric cooking pot, the Mijia broken wall cooking machine, the Mijia giant gel pen, and the Xiaomi 1 rocket are special new products for April Fool’s Day.

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