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Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro TWS bluetooth 5.3 Earphone Hifi Stereo AAC LHDC SBC HD Audio Dynamic Noise Reduction 565mAh Big Battery Capacity IP54 Waterproof Sports Headphone

Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro
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● bluetooth V5.3 chip

The latest buetooth 5.3 technology help bluetooth headphones to bring faster wireless pairing and more stable connection. And Compatible with your iOS and Android bluetooth-ready devices.

● HI-FI sound quality

11nm Dual Magnetic Hyperdynamic Unit Bring HI-FI Sound Quality.

● LHDC 4.0 high fidelity, low latency

LHDC 4.0 has not only made further breakthroughs in the high-quality sound part, but also added a full-featured architecture of spatial sound effects, game modes, and code stream adaptation, allowing you to experience a low-latency, silky-sound listening experience.

● Bone voiceprint noise reduction

3mic + bone voiceprint sensor, combined with Xiaomi’s self-developed Al noise reduction algorithm, optimizes the ability to extract the wearer’s voice, and realizes efficient noise reduction in conversation, so that the other party can hear you more clearly and chat without interruption.

● IP54 Waterproof

IP54 Waterproof Design, do not worry about sweating and water, providing reliable protection for daily life and urban sports with ease.

● 565mAh big battery design565mAh Battery Capacity, up to 38 hours long battery life, more durable using experience.

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