Xiaomi Launched AND1 Youth Roller Skates at 349 Yuan ($51)

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Today Xiaomi has announced a set of AND1 youth roller skates with aluminum alloy one-piece bracket, priced at 349 yuan ($51).

As the company officially introduced, the AND1 was founded in 1993. It originated from American street culture and is the exclusive brand of professional basketball players and enthusiasts. It hosted the MIXTAPE Tour, which is the highest level of a street basketball tournament in the world. It is designed with a cool personality and trend culture. The idea is to create a sports equipment with a high rating.

Xiaomi AND1 youth roller skates

The AND1 youth roller skates are made of high-strength pp material. It enhances toughness, pressure resistance, and impact resistance. It is durable and non-deformable, effectively improving the protection of the feet.

Due to the ergonomic principle, the selected slow rebound memory foam molded inner boots, tightly fit the various parts of the foot. That’s why they provide a comfortable and stable wearing experience without grinding the feet. The detachable inner boots are easy to clean after riding.

Xiaomi AND1 youth roller skates

The AND1 youth skates also use high-elastic cushioning PU perfusion wheel. They are equipped with the ABEC-7 chrome steel silent bearing, which provides excellent wear and grip performance. So the skates have no difficulty to deal with a variety of road surfaces.

The thickened aluminum alloy and laser engraved bridge-type bracket has a stable structure and is not deformed easily. It has strong impact resistance. You can switch it from casual to fancy modes.

Casual mode: The middle two wheels are 2mm smaller and the outer wheels are larger. This mode provides easier balance support.

Flat flower mode: The two wheels in the middle and the two wheels on the outside are exchanged. The flat flower mode is flexible and easy to play.

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