Xiaomi Launched Automatic Smart Door Lock Q3

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On the morning of May 23, Xiaomi crowdfunded a small automatic door lock Q3, which can be paired with Mijia products. The crowdfunding price is 1699 yuan (including installation fee). It is expected to start shipping on July 10, 2019. By the way, crowdfunding has been supported for more than 500 hours, with a total of over 860,000 users and a crowdfunding target exceeded 255%.

Xiaomi automatic smart door lock Q3

Compared with the rotating handle design of most smart door locks, Xiaomi automatic smart lock Q3 adopts bridge type structure, with piano-grade paint and high-quality drawing. It looks more beautiful, and the fingerprint head adopts stealth design, three-dimensional concave and convex positioning. Due to this, the hand grip gets tactile feedback for quick identification.

It comes with an AI fingerprint algorithm. Both the kids and adults can use their fingerprints to unlock the door. The rate of misrecognition is less than one in a million, and the rejection rate is less than one in ten thousand.

Xiaomi automatic smart door lock Q3

In addition to fingerprint unlocking, it also supports Mijia APP one-button opening, password opening, key opening (C-class cylinder) and so on.

The door lock adopts one-touch and one-button locking design. When the fingerprint recognition is successful, the motor drives the lock body, and the lock tongue is automatically retracted. When the door lock is in the opened state, no need to press the handle or make the push and pull operation. Going out the door and gently clicking, the lock tongue automatically pops up, the door is firmly locked, and the obsessive-compulsive disorder does not need to repeatedly confirm the closing.

Xiaomi automatic smart door lock Q3

It also supports timed lock. There is a built-in Mijia chip. So you can set the automatic lock time through the Mijia app, and it only needs to pull out when you go out. So the door lock will automatically lock after 10 seconds. (This function is off by default, please open it via the Mijia app).

At last, the third-gen Xiaomi automatic smart door lock Q3 comes with two 5000mAh lithium batteries. The single battery can be used for 5 months, and 2 blocks are used in turn. If the power is too low, there is a hint. If there is no power, you can use the power bank to open the door.

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