Xiaomi Launched New Children’s Slide Car at $60

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As previously announced, on March 21, Xiaomi crowdfunding 317 products announced – the Xiao Xiaoying children’s slide car, which comes with a simple design, aluminum alloy lightweight body, free inflatable solid wheel, and is priced at 399 yuan ($60).

Children's slide bar

The scooter is also called a balance car. As there is no pedal, it also doesn’t need a chain. The child only needs two feet to squat and can provide power to slide. With its help, children master the basics of balance and steering. In the process of glide, they exercise lower limb strength and improve physical coordination.

The Xiao Xiaoying children’s slide car adopts the aluminum alloy forming manifold process, which is integrated and without any trace of welding. The net weight of the whole vehicle is about 2.68kg, which can bear 50kg. The Xiao Xiaoying children’s slide car is suitable for children aged 2-6 years with a height of 80-120cm.

Children's slide bar

The scooter frame has no sharp angle design and is built with a new one-piece molding process. The body is smooth and has no weld bead, the corners are round and burr-free, and it is not easy to scratch the child’s skin when in contact. The soft and high-elastic EVA-free inflatable wheels are used to reduce the trouble of inflation and maintenance, and the lane change is smoother and faster.

After many scientific experiments, combined with children’s ergonomics, the engineer set the two-side 140 steering limit, which is more suitable for beginners to avoid the child falling down due to too much steering.

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