Xiaomi MI 5S VS Meizu MX6 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review

Xiaomi as one of the most famous Chinese smartphone brand has got wide attention but also more controversy. Right now facing so fierce competiton,in order to stand out, Xiaomi has to update its products every two months, even month by month. Last month, Xiaomi announced the new smartphones, Xiaomi MI 5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus which enjoys good words but also confused attitude. However, Meizu as one of the best rival of Xiaomi has also followed, in terms of the latest flagship Meizu MX6, as you know Meizu MX series can be considered the old and top product line for Meizu, even they have Meizu Pro 6 which can’t replace the status of Meizu MX6. As the typical model for their brands, we will compare Xiaomi MI5S and Meizu MX6 to let you know which one is better. Of course this will be the battle of Snapdragon 821 and MTK6797 processor.

Compare Xiaomi MI5S Plus VS Meizu MX6 Specs:





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Xiaomi MI5S provides four colors with two styles, the grey and golden uses high gross craftsmanship, silver and rose golden with matte grinding craftsmanship. We test the golden one. In the front design, Xiaomi MI5S has beautiful appearance with narrow bezel, 2.5D curved glass and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner design under the glass is also very attractive. Xiaomi has cancelled the MI Logo on the front, even much simpler. As you know Xiaomi MI5S is the first one to use Under Glass fingerprint scanner solution from Qualcomm, so it doesn’t need the Home button or back module to coordinate. It has metal three-step design, the right side of the body is the power button and volume button. It supports dual nano SIM card but no expansion, the bottom is USB Type C and dual speaker symmetrically. On the top is 3.5mm earphone jack, no IR remote control. The quick charge supports 5V/2.5A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A and other specification. The largest power rate is 18W.

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Meizu MX6 looks like Meizu M3 Note in the front and Meizu Pro 6 on the back. On the front design, it has 2.5D glass, round Home button, the most outstanding feature is the Incell screen, it uses 5.5inch 1080P Full Incell screen to support TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration) technology to improve the touch stability, it has 1500:1 contrast, 500nit brightness, 85% NTSC color saturation, it has also added the light adjustment technology for better eye protection. And it only has 7.25mm thickness, 155g. On the left side there is only SIM card slot to support dual Nano SIM card, but it can’t install microSD for expansion. On the top is only a de-noise microphone port, but at the bottom, there are USB Type-C port, two screws, microphone, speaker, 3.5mm earphone jack. The power adapter can support 5V/9V/12V output and 2A output current, 24W power rate.

Therefore, in terms of design, they have their own advantages, if you like larger screen, Meizu MX6 can be first choice, if you are into ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass, why not try Xiaomi MI5S?




Xiaomi MI5S is powered by the latest Snapdragon 821 processor, two 2.15GHz big core, and two 2.0GHz small core. In GPU, it has reduced to 624MHz, which is the level of Snapdragon 820. According to Antutu test, Xiaomi MI5S can run 153K scores to the maximum, which claims better performance than Xiaomi MI5.

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According to GeekBench 4, the single core gets 1759 points, the multi-core gets 7287 points, which are higher than Snapdragon 820, but lower than the Standard Snapdragon 821 with 2.34GHz big core and 2.19GHz small core.



In GFXBench, the performance makes us surprise, it has got 20FPS to play the car race project.

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In PCMark, it also got 6182 scores.

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However, Meizu MX6 is powered by Helio X20 processor, two big A72 core and four  middle A53 Core, and four small A53 core and four core Mali-T880 GPU, it’s strange that we test the phone with Helio X20 1.85Ghz, no 2.3GHz. In antutu test, it has 91,000 points, which is similar to Letv Le 2.




In GeekBench CPU, the single core has 1500 points, and 5100 points in multi core.

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In GFXBench, it has 27FPS when testing the 1080p game.

Therefore, in performance, Xiaomi MI5S can beat Meizu MX6 totally.


Xiaomi MI5S is also well-known for its camera, it use a 1/2.3inch ultra optical sensor, called the eye of dark night. So it can take photos well in dark light and backlight. Xiaomi MI5S first globally released Sony IMX378 sensor, which is the highest flagship sensor, it has 12MP back camera, 1.55um single pixel, F2.0 aperture, PDAF. It’s a pity that Xiaomi MI5 has cancelled the 4 axis OIS. The back camera can take 4K video, but the front only has 4MP camera which is common. It can support RAW format. Just check the following samples to see the effect.


Xiaomi MI5S Camera


Xiaomi MI5S Camera


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample

Besides screen, Meizu MX6 has other nice highlight, it’s camera, Meizu MX6 has 12MP back camera, but its sensor is the latest SONY IMX386 based on IMX286, first globally released, 1.25um pixel, F2.0 big aperture, PDAF, it is said the fastest speed of taking pictures is 319ms even over Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Meanwhile, it has customized 6P lens. And in algorithm, it has new de-noise solution to take photos at night clearly and more details. Besides, it has 5MP front camera, F2.0 aperture, 4P lens, FotoNation 2.0 smart beautification, Face AE auto recognition and it has brightness enhanced.

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10f1291c98a4470287b62f2d388b0475_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac s_a3cd4ef5e0a0411a9886021ec4eb513d_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac

Xiaomi MI5S is equipped with 3200mAh battery. It supports USB Type C port, QC3.0 quick charge, including 5V/2A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A and 18W largest power rate. First we test the charging, we charge it from 2% and record once every 10 minutes until it charges full. It charges 50% in half hour, 90% in one hour, it only takes 85 hours to charge full, which is very fast.  According to antutu battery test, it can support one hour and 25 minutes from 100% to 80% power, so it can be used over 5 hours.

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In PCMark, it shows the result that it can support 8 hours and 34 minutes under 80% brightness.

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But Meizu MX6 only has 3060mAh battery, it can charge 20% in 10 minutes, finally, it spends 95 minutes on charging full.  And according to antutu battery test, it can support almost 5 and a half hours above. And in GFXBench it can support around 4 hours for using.

Therefore, in battery, Xiaomi MI5S wins.


According to detailed comparison between Xiaomi MI5S and Meizu MX6, they are even in design, camera, price, but Xiaomi MI5S wins over Meizu MX6 in battery and hardware. It’s very obvious to make the choice now. We believe Meizu has to release the next flagship to compare with Xiaomi MI5S.

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