Xiaomi MI5S Plus vs Iphone 7 Plus Design, Hardware, Battery, Camera Review

Dual rear camera has become the tendency for most smartphones, for example, Xiaomi has released two Dual rear camera smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Xiaomi MI5S Plus released just now, Letv has announced the first dual rear camera smartphone, Letv Cool1 Dual smartphone, Huawei has its Huawei Honor 8 with dual real camera, the other big brand, iPhone has also taken the first dual rear camera smartphone design, Iphone 7 plus. So do you know which one has the best dual rear camera? Today we will compare Xiaomi MI5S Plus with iphone 7 plus to show which is worthwhile to buy more.




iphone 7 plus front design


Xiaomi mi5s plus front design

Xiaomi MI5S Plus and Iphone 7 plus both adopts metal body, Xiaomi MI5S Plus has 5.7inch FHD IPS screen, but Iphone 7 plus sports 5.5inch FHD screen, although Xiaomi MI5S Plus is larger a bit than iphone 7 plus, they have one similarity that Xiaomi MI5S Plus continues its design of MI Note, and iPhone 7 Plus looks like the iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus. Xiaomi MI5S Plus has 154.6*77.7*7.95mm, 168g weight, but Iphone 7 plus has 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm, 188g weight, according to comparison, Xiaomi MI5S Plus is a bit lighter than iphone 7 plus. So in terms of larger screen and weight, Xiaomi MI5S Plus win. As for their design, it’s up to your first interest.


iPhone 7 Plus back design


Xiaomi MI5S Plus Back Design


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Xiaomi mi5s plus antutu test

They both are powered by the latest and most powerful processor, is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, coming with RAM 6GB LPDDR4 1866MHz ROM 128GB UFS 2.0 internal storage, and runs MIUI 8 OS to show the Antutu score up to 142K, but iphone 7 plus comes with its own A10 fusion processor, RAM 3GB, which also runs very fast, especially in playing games, We believe if compared their performance, iPhone 7 Plus and Xiaomi MI5S plus will be even, Running the Geekbench 4 app on the 7 Plus saw it put in a slightly better performance than the iPhone 7, but as expected it comfortably outstripped the 6S Plus, coming in at around 20% faster, while it showed almost double the speed of the 6 Plus – emphatically backing up Apple’s claims of serious under-the-hood improvements.



iphone 7 plus battery use


Battery life is very important for an user to choose  a smartphone, Xiaomi MI5S plus this time is built in 3800mAh battery, which is less than Xiaomi Redmi Pro, we believe most users are not satisfied with it, because for a large 5.7inch screen, it should have 4000mAh battery, anyway, the highlight of Xiaomi MI5S Plus is not the battery. But it can still support one day to use daily. if you play games all the time, you have to charge it every day. However, iPhone 7 Plus  this time has used 2900mAh battery which is larger than other models before, according to official, the battery life has improved 2 hours longer. But it can still last a full day on a single charge, and you have to charge it at night in case of next day working well.



Xiaomi mi5s plus sample


Xiaomi mi5s plus sample


Xiaomi mi5s plus sample

Both smartphones are famous for dual rear camera, Xiaomi MI5S plus has 4MP front and 13MP Dual rear camera, of course it can not only take nice pictures in the day, but also at night for the dual rear camera, and the front camera can also become the best front-facing shooter for taking selfies. This is the successful feature that Xiaomi has made this time, meanwhile, Iphone 7 plus also comes with dual rear 12MP camera,one of which is a wide-angle lens while the other is a telephoto lens. In short, switching from wide-angle to telephoto gives you a 2x optical zoom, which means you don’t lose image quality while getting closer to your subject. But it has 7MP front camera which will be definitely better than Xiaomi MI5S Plus, if you don’t believe, just have a try and check the samples as below.


iphone 7 plus sample


iphone 7 plus sample


iphone 7 plus sample


iphone 7 plus sample

  Other Features

iphone7plus-handson-07-650-80 c41a84364ae7c86_w600_h375_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac

They both are not only powerful in their hardware, but also some practical features, Xiaomi MI5S runs MIUI 8 OS based on Android6.0, it supports dual sim card dual standby, 4G network, NFC, Touch ID, Quick charge, USB Type C function, iPhone 7 Plus runs IOS 10, and supports single SIM card as usual, 4G Network, fingerprint scanner, waterproof and dustproof. We highly think of iphone 7 plus waterproof function, and we hope other smartphones will also have a try, although the waterproof depth is not so deep. Some of users will have a try these functions of iphone 7 plus first, we think, how about you?


In terms of hardware, both represent the high-end flagship smartphone, Xiaomi MI5S Plus is well-known for its dual rear camera, light design, and practical features, so does iPhone 7 Plus, but considering their price, Xiaomi MI5S Plus is much cheaper than iPhone 7 Plus, if you think you can afford to buy iPhone 7 plus, we highly recommend trying. But as you know, more and more smartphones are coming and update so fast, we can try Xiaomi MI5S Plus first to save more money to spend others.

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