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Xiaomi Mijia Multifunction Flashlight 1000 Lumens Strobe/SOS/Warning 3100mAh Battery Window Destroyer Seat Belt Cutter

Xiaomi Mijia Multifunction Flashlight
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€34 €89

Seat belt cutting knife: built-in seat belt cutting knife, in an emergency it can cut the seat belt.
Magnetic fixation: magnetic fixation bracket, you can magnetically suck to the car trunk cover, or any position of the body with iron, hands-free, easy to use.
Mode adjustment ring: The mode adjustment ring is designed, and the rotation can switch two kinds of light sources, which is very convenient to use.
Window Breaker – Uses a hidden pin firing design.
Telescopic infinity zoom: Support telescopic infinity zoom, adjust the far and low light at will.
Multi-functional Lighting: Supports flash, distress, warning and other lights to achieve multi-purpose use.
Super-battery life: Built-in 3100mAh large battery, to achieve 90 hours of ultra-long battery life.
Ultra Long Illumination: With 1000 lumens to grab light, it supports 240 meters of irradiation.

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