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XIAOMI MWC10 Smart Outdoor Security Camera 1080P Wireless 5700mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered IP65 Waterproof Home Security Camera with WDR Smart Night Vision Two-way Audio PIR Human Detection Support TF Card U Disk Cloud Storage

XIAOMI MWC10 Smart Outdoor Security Camera
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€72 €109

Features :

– IP65 Dustproof and Waterproof

No fear of high and low temperatures. Adapt to different temperatures, stable and reliable operation. It can operate normally in the environment of -20℃ to 50℃*, endure the heat and cold, and guard outdoor safety in all seasons.

– WDR Technology + Smart Night Vision

Backlight and dark light, all can be seen clearly. WDR wide dynamic technology, F2.1 large aperture, backlight, dark light can also shoot fine picture details. 7m long-distance night vision, clearly showing the situation outside the house at night.

– 130°Wide-angle

130° wide viewing angle help tp capture more content. With 1080P resolution, the camera will restore real scene.

– A Variety of Storage Methods

Indoor video storage to prevent the leakage of shooting information. Optional local TF card, U disk, cloud storage three ways to meet the needs of screen storage. With a new generation of H.265 video encoding technology, it saves video storage space. Under the same network conditions, the connection is more stable and the screen viewing is smoother.

– Base Anti-theft Design

Illegal touch timely warning. The body adopts anti-theft screw structure and built-in gyroscope, When the fuselage is detected to be abnormal, the warning information will be sent to the mobile phone in time *safety information will be known immediately.

– PIR Humanoid Detection

Changes outside the house, timely notification. Perceive temperature changes and object movements within 7m, start recording immediately, and push alarms. Intelligent detection of human contours, and through cloud AI face recognition technology, it can judge acquaintances and strangers and give effective alarms.

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