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NINETYGO 90FUN Smart Heated Parka, 3 Heating Zones, 4 Heating Levels, Carbon Nanotube Heating Film, IPX4 Waterproof Down Jacket

XIAOMI NINETYGO 90FUN Smart Heated Parka
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€94 €199

Waterproof Smart Heated Parka
The softshell fabric exterior is IPX4 water resistant which provides protection on windy days. Also, NINETYGO Smart Heated Parka helps you prevent heat loss and enjoy comfortable warmth.

3 Heating Zones
This parka features 3 heating zones: left and right shoulder, mid-back. The heating elements are made of carbon nanotube film, which is light and soft. It can be heated in seconds and is machine washable.

4 Temperature Levels
You can adjust the heating with just a simple button press (38 celsius, 43 celsius, 48 celsius, 53 celsius), and it can provide up to 8 working hours, heat quickly in 3 mins with a portable charger, and automatically turns the power off after 3 hours for safety.

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