Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Series In White Went on Sale

On July 18, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, announced that the Redmi Note 7 series’ new color of mirror flower water moon will be sold for the first time at 10:00 this morning. This variant of the phone is priced at 1199 yuan (6GB+64GB), which is about $174. At the same time, the Redmi Note 7 Pro is priced at 1399 yuan (6GB + 128GB), which is about $203.

In fact, this is a light white version of the original phone. The middle frame is bright silver. The body is pure white. Under the light, it will reflect like a mirror.

Redmi Note 7 white

However, the rest of the features remain the same. This means the Redmi Note 7 is equipped with one of the most popular mid-range chips of Snapdragon 660. It is manufactured on Samsung’s 11nm process. The latest fourth-generation Kryo CPU architecture is the same as the Snapdragon 855. The maximum frequency is 2.0GHz. The single-core performance is basically the same. This chip also uses the same Adreno 612 GPU and the Hexagon 685 DSP as the Snapdragon 845), and the third-generation AIE artificial intelligence engine, claiming that AnTuTu score reaches 185,000 points, nearly 30% ahead of the Snapdragon 660. This SoC is said to provide a lower power consumption and long-lasting life. There is also a Type-C interface that supports the QC4 fast charge protocol.

Apart from the mentioned storage options, it also comes with a 4000mAh battery, which provides an outstanding battery life. Honestly, the phone could reach such endurance due to software and hardware optimization.

One of the biggest highlights of the Redmi Note 7 series is considered to be the camera. The phone sports a dual-camera on the back, which consists of the 48MP Samsung GM1 CMOS and a 5MP sensor. On the front, it carries a 13MP selfie shooter.

As for the enhanced variant, the Redmi Note 7 Pro sports a Snapdragon 675 chip. The rest of the features are unchanged. Well, the Samsung camera sensor is replaced with the same resolution Sony CMOS.

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