Xiaomi Redmi Pro VS Meizu MX6 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery, OS Review

As the representative of online smartphones, Xiaomi and Meizu behave very actively, Meizu released Meizu MX6 smartphone, but Xiaomi announced Xiaomi Redmi Pro smartphone which both are powered by Mediatek smartphone. So which is better, Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Meizu MX6? We will compare them to let you know first.


Specs comparison


According to specs comparison, Xiaomi Redmi Pro has not much difference from Meizu MX6 in hardware, which both belong to Mediatek processor. Redmi Pro has three versions, standard, advanced, and Elite version. They are different in processor and RAM. Redmi Pro standard version is powered by Helio X20 Deca core processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB at 1499 yuan, Redmi Pro Advanced version by Helio X25 Deca core, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB, 1699 yuan, and Redmi Pro elite version powered by Helio X25, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at 1999 yuan. Butt Meizu MX6 just has one version, powered by Helio X20 Deca core, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, at 1999 yuan, which is famous for all metal design, fastness, long battery life, camera and other aspects.

Therefore, we will compare Redmi Pro elite version and Meizu MX6, they both has same price and RAM 4GB. Check specs comparison as follow.


According to specs, Redmi Pro elite has better configuration than that of Meizu MX6 in processor, storage, battery. So let’s compare them from design, performance, camera, battery, OS, etc.


Redmi Pro has similar screen size to Meizu MX6, and they both use all metal body, so both of them are close in design, only the style and details are different.

Redmi Pro uses all metal body with three colors, grey, silver, and golden.It comes with 5.5inch 1080P 2.5D curved glass screen, and fingerprint on the semi-circular Home button, the front design is very simple, a little disadvantage is the receiver on the top, camera that don’t take the popular symmetrical design.


Redmi Pro

As for back design, Redmi Pro uses three steps back cover, and it has done CNC processing, the visual effect and touch feeling are very outstanding. In addition, Redmi Pro has dual rear camera on its back design which makes us very impressive and full of high-end level.


Redmi Pro Back Design

Meizu MX6 continues the design style of Meizu Pro 6, both of them have metal design with Champagne golden, sky grey, moonlight silver, and rose golden four colors, it adopts 2.5D curved glass, narrow bezel, front fingerprint scanner on the Home button, and the top receiver uses symmetrical design.


Meizu MX6 Front Design

As for back design, Meizu MX6 uses the new antenna design, curved round edge, enhances the craftsmanship and screen to body ratio.

In conclusion, Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Meizu Pro 6 have nice design, they both have similar design style, 2.5D curved glass, under the screen is the semi-circular Home button, they are similar up to 90%. The main difference between them is the back design. Meizu MX6 uses the stream antenna, but Redmi Pro has dual back camera. So which one do you like better?

Performance, Antutu

Redmi Pro and Meizu MX6 both uses Mediatek processor, but different model, Redmi Pro elite and Meizu MX6 both have RAM 4GB, but the former is equipped with Helio X25 Deca core processor, but larger storage. Let’s compare their performance as follow.


Redmi Pro Antutu score: 100356 points

Meizu MX6 is powered by Helio X20 Deca core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, Antutu scores as follow.


Meizu MX6 Antutu score: 89165 points

According to antutu test, Redmi Pro elite version is over 100,000 points, but Meizu MX6 has  89,165 points, so they have big difference in antutu test. Therefore, Redmi Pro elite is more powerful than Meizu MX6 in performance. They may have small difference in daily use, but big difference in large games.



Redmi Pro has same front camera as Redmi Note 3, but different rear camera, the most highlight of Redmi Pro is in dual real camera, the back camea has 5MP and 13MP camera which can bring better photographing experience, which can reach the flagship level in camera.

Although Meizu MX6 doesn’t come with dual rear camera, but it is equipped with Sony first new 12MP big aperture which is similar to Samsung S7 in camera experience.

As for camera, Meizu MX6 and Redmi Pro both have reached the flagship photographing level, so they have no big difference, but the Redmi Pro has dual rear camera which is more attractive.


Redmi Pro and Meizu MX6 both support quick charge, but Redmi Pro has large battery with 4050mAh and Meizu MX6 with 3060mAh, so it’s obvious Redmi Pro is more excellent in battery.


MIUI and Flyme are the most popular ROM for Chinese smartphones, which are very mature and fluent. In OS experience, Meizu MX6 is even with Redmi Pro


According to comparison, Redmi Pro elite has better advantages than Meizu MX6 in performance, storage, battery. So Xiaomi Redmi Pro  has more competitive specs and price than Meizu MX6. Therefore, Redmi Pro is more highly recommended according to comparison. But they both have no big difference in performance, camera. If you like Meizu MX6 slimmer design and beauty, Meizu MX6 will be a good choice. By the way, you can use Coupon code: miPro to grab Xiaomi Redmi Pro 32GB SLIVER at $242.99 and Coupon code: miRedmiProfor Xiaomi Redmi Pro 64GB SLIVER at $247.99.

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