Xiaomi Will Launch a New Smartphone With 64MP Camera

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Today, XDA member kackskrz found the comment text of 64MP “Super Pixel” mode in the MIUI camera application in the latest MIUI 10 firmware. These notes reveal that Xiaomi will launch a 64MP smartphone soon. Before we start making guess, it’s recommended to take a look at the code below:

<string name=”ultra_pixel_photography_64mp_open_tip”>64 million ultra clear </string>

<string name=”ultra_pixel_photography_64mp_close_tip”>64 million super clear is closed </string>

<string name=”accessibility_ultra_pixel_photography_64mp_on”>64 million ultra clear, open state </string>

<string name=”accessibility_ultra_pixel_photography_64mp_off”>64 million ultra clear, off state </string>

<string name=”pref_menu_ultra_pixel_photography_64mp”>64 million ultra clear </string>

<string name=”device_64m_watermark_default_text”>64MP DUAL CAMERA</string>

At present, Samsung’s 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 is the only sensor on the market with such a resolution. Now, there is every reason to think Xiaomi will use this sensor on smartphones.

Xiaomi 64MP

The ISOCELL Bright GW1 is a 64MP image sensor that is the highest resolution in the Samsung’s 0.8μm pixel image sensor lineup. Through pixel-combined Tetracell technology and re-picking algorithm, the GW1 can generate bright 16MP images in low light environments and 64MP images in brighter environments. The GW1 is equipped with dual conversion gain (DCG). Its high-performance phase-detection autofocus technology Super PD provides clearer images and supports full HD recording at 480 frames per second (fps).

If these rumors are true, Xiaomi may not only start a new trend but also become a pioneer in the smartphone industry. On the other hand, although Sony has no ambitions in this niche, it will never miss its chance to outrun Samsung and other rivals. We mean, if there is a 64MP sensor ready to appear on a smartphone, most likely, it will be a Sony Xperia phone.


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