Xiaomi Youpin launches uncoated double-bottom wok: no smoke in the kitchen

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On January 17, Xiaomi Youpin launched an uncoated double-bottom wok, which uses high-quality fine iron, healthy uncoated, and thick welded double-bottom. The price is 229 yuan ($33).

The uncoated double-bottom wok is made of high-quality fine iron. After high-temperature carburizing, the iron pan becomes “not pampered”, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high hardness, and not easy to rust. So it’s easier to cook with a shovel, stainless steel shovel or another spatula without fear of scratches.

According to the official introduction, the traditional iron pot is thin and has poor thermal conductivity, and it is easy to generate a lot of oil fume due to the local high temperature. This iron pot is welded with a 3.5mm thick aluminum layer and a total thickness of 5.5mm on the bottom of the pot. The heating is evener. So the kitchen will no longer be smokey, and the oil will be full of dirt.

uncoated double-bottom wok

The bottom of the pot adopts a new generation of alloy welding technology. One layer of iron, one layer of aluminum and one layer of steel are combined to gather heat and save energy. The traditional iron pan is afraid of the induction cooker. It is unevenly heated and easily deformed. The flat surface of the iron pan has no holes and has a double bottom, which increases the magnetic flux area than the traditional one.

After the iron pan is opened, it forms an oil film, which effectively prevents the pan from sticking. In addition, on the inner wall of this iron pot, uneven ice cracks are formed by forging, and the air in the lines gently blows the food after being heated to achieve the physical non-stickiness effect.

The outer wall adopts thread heat conduction design. The heated area is uniformly heated throughout the body, reducing weight, strengthening the pot to reduce deformation, and being durable.

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