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ZD Racing MX 07 1/7 2.4G 4WD 80km/h 8S Brushless RC Car Hobbwing Max6 Monster Big Off-Road Truck Oil Filled Shocks Vehicle Models – Colorful ARTR HOBBYWING MAX6 160A ESC Version

ZD Racing MX 07 RC Car
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€481 €899

1.MX-07 is a 1/7th scale 4WD violent Monster truck newly created by the ZDracing professional team. Simulation design, lightweight structure, competition-grade   materials, strong force

2.Equipped with simulated headlights, and taillights, super cool

3.The cage-type super-tough roll cage protects the body in all directions while being more emulated. And there are extremely extreme off-road racing style cockpit interiors and various appearance simulation details

4. Extremely aggressive all-terrain tires, the size reaches Ф188*102mm, the newly designed tread pattern has super grip performance, and can easily cope with any area. The tire hub is fastened with screws instead of the traditional adhesive method, which is more stable

5. The super front anti-collision design can effectively alleviate various impacts and protect the body. Tail head-up wheel design, easy head-up, somersault, a variety of fancy play

6.Super power transmission system, MX07 uses a larger modulus and larger size differential gear, all-metal center difference, CNC chromium-molybdenum steel transmission gear, imported alloy steel connector dog, the whole vehicle thickened drive shaft, large-capacity avoidance Vibrator. The gearbox injection molded pre-embedded metal bearing seat is strengthened, which completely solves the virtual position of the gear caused by the deformation and wear of the plastic for a long time, and avoids violent tooth sweeping

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