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Zonestar Z9V5Pro-MK4 4 Extruders 3D Printer, 4 Colors, Auto Leveling, 32 Bit Control Board, Resume Printing, TFT-LCD, 300x300x400mm

Zonestar Z9V5Pro-MK4 4 Extruders 3D Printer
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€539 €799

Multi-color Printing
The printer’s 4 extruder modules and 4-in-1-out non-mix color hot end can make multi color printings, which will greatly enrich your 3D printing experience. One-button switching mode makes monochrome conversion into multi-color easier.
Quick Self-Assembly
The 3D printer is 70% pre-assembled, boasts a modular design that makes it easier to assemble, and swapping the wires in and out of the extruders a cinch.
Breaking-Resume Function
Its smart sensor can automatically resume the printing exactly at the same place where it has been stopped after power-off or filament breakage. This function totally drives away the hassle of repetitive and time-consuming printing jobs caused by unexpected power outages.
High Torque Extruders
Equipped with reduction gear, the extruders can provide greater feeding torque.
According to the filament hardness, the extrude pressures are adjustable, and each extruder has a filament run-out detector.
4.3-inch TFT-LCD Screen & Auto-leveling
The newly designed operation interface system greatly improves the user experience, the 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen makes its operation clearer and simpler.
With fast automatic leveling and a printing size as large as 300x300x400mm, it can print works that are applicable to various fields.
Stable and Quiet Printing
It has metal components, high wheels, frame structure, and rails, which are designed to reduce the noise it produces, and bring more stable printing, less vibration, and higher printing results.

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