ZTE Blade A2 vs Xiaomi Redmi 3S Design, Fingerprint ID, Aututu, Battery, Camera Review

ZTE has released its latest budget fingerprint scanner smartphone, ZTE Blade A2 with metal body and sells at 699 yuan, $105, and Xiaomi Redmi 3s as the latest affordable smartphone of Xiaomi with similar price, both 5inch 720p screen to ZTE Blade A2. So it will be worthwhile to compare them to see which will be your better choice.


Xiaomi Redmi 3s and ZTE Blade A2 takes 5inch 720p screen, but R edge around redmi 3s looks smaller and more square, ZTE Blade A2 seems to be softer. It’s different that ZTE Blade A2 uses ID bezel-less design concept, it looks more excellent under screen off state. But Xiaomi redmi 3s didn’t continue its bezel-less design of Xiaomi mi5.


It’s noted that ZTE Blade A has 2.5D curved screen compatible with the sleek body, so it has better grip holding. Redmi 3s doesn’t come with 2.5D screen but with shinning side covered around the body to improve its level.


Forehead part of the phone besides sensor, receiver, and camera, ZTE blade A2 has one more LED light, when we take selfies, it can fill the light. In addition, both smartphones’ sensor adopts the concave processing easy to produce dust phenomenon.


And from the chin part, we can see both take touch virtual button design, but a little different in button design. Xiaomi Redmi 3s doesn’t have backlight, and signal light under the Home button. As for ZTE Blade A2, it keeps the blue circle, HOME Button and the hidden two buttons which look more exquisite and individual than Redmi 3s.


There are different parts on the sides of two smartphone, power button and volume button are integrated on the right side of Redmi 3s. But ZTE Blade A1 two buttons is deployed on two sides.


Let’s check the back design, both uses the common three step design, metal in the middle and top and bottom are plastic material. In general, Redmi 3s has more sleek curved back than Blade A2 which is more suitable for our hands holding.


Redmi 3s designs the main camera and flash light on the top, and fingerprint scanner on the middle metal body. But ZTE blade A2 has them designed on the metal body.


Fingerprint ID


Fingerprint scanner can be the symbol of ZTE Blade A2, so does Redmi 3S. Both adopt round back fingerprint ID with fast unlocking speed. But the fingerprint ID place of Redmi 3s is a little higher, so it will not be very convenient for those small hands.

1350923_副本 1350922_副本

By contrast, ZTE Blade A2 has richer fingerprint functions such as unlocking with screen off, and up to 0.3s unlocking speed and 360 degree recognition. Meanwhile,it can support Alipay payment function for more convenient online shopping. It has also supported 3D fingerprint scanner such as quick double click to launch apps, and slide both sides to check pictures, etc. Besides, ZTE Blade A2 also is equipped with fingerprint photographing, phone receiving and privacy, etc.

1350916_副本 1350915_副本


1350998_副本 1350952_副本

Xiaomi Redmi 3s runs the latest MIUI 8 OS, and ZTE Blade A2 Mifavor UI 3.2 OS. MIUI 8 OS has simple design, but Mifavor UI 3.2 OS uses more active design in color and common design in its logo. In our opinion, we like MIUI 8 OS more.

1350992_副本 1350933_副本

Left: ZTE Blade A2                                                             Right: Xiaomi Redmi 3s

In background style, MIUI 8 shows in the form of icons, if you don’t like, you can switch to card forum by clicking on the upper right corner, at the same time it has added the music control button. But Mifavor UI 3.2 uses the original Android card cascade type which has one more management function than MIUI 8.

1350993_副本 1350934_副本

MIUI 8 has also been equipped with IR function, which can play the role as remote control. If you have smart gadget at home, you can use your phone to control them well. Compared with MIUI 8, MIfavor UI 3.2 is built in management app to manage your phone universally.

1350994_副本 1350935_副本

1350996_副本 1350999_副本 1350937_副本 1350936_副本

Hardware, Aututu

1350929_副本 1350991_副本

Left: ZTE Blade A2                                                             Right: Xiaomi Redmi 3s

1350930 1350990

Left: ZTE Blade A2                                                             Right: Xiaomi Redmi 3s

ZTE Blade A2 is the netcom version, but Redmi 3s is the standard version. Their main disparity is in battery and processor. ZTE Blade A2 is powered by MTK6750 Octa core processor 1.5Ghz, but Redmi 3s with Snapdragon 430 Octa core processor 1.4Ghz. According to CPU test scores, MT6750 is better than Snapdragon 430 in single core, but worse in multicore. Blade A2 handles well in small or middle-range tasks, but worse than Redmi 3s in large tasks. Let’s test by Antutu, Blade A2 is stronger than Redmi 3s in its processor performance.



Both smartphone has different battery life, in hardware, ZTE Blade A2 battery life is less 1600mAh than Redmi 3S. But in software, both carry its own power saving software. According to the simple battery life test, we test each half an hour for online video, video on the phone itself, music, weibo, game, wechat, 3 hours in total and 8 hours standby time. After testing, ZTE Blade A2 has 59% off power, but Redmi 3s 70% off. So it is an ideal result for ZTE Blade A2, in fact, ZTE Blade A2 consumes 1025mAh battery, and Redmi 3s consumes more up to 1239mAh battery. It indicates ZTE Blade A2 has better power saving function. But we also hope ZTE will improve its battery capacity in the next product.


1351152_副本 1351151_副本

Redmi 3s

1350988_副本 1350987_副本

ZTE Blade A2

Both have simple interface it camera, ZTE Blade A2 has more choices in professional modes, but Redmi 3S provides more photographing modes. They have 13MP back camera, so they have no much difference in analyst. Besides scenery, ZTE Blade A2 takes photos more tempting, In micro distance, ZTE Blade A2 is not better than Redmi 3s in brightness, but it behaves well in petals’ light and shadow. As for blur effect, they have no difference.

1351187 1351186



ZTE Blade A2 has similar price and configuration to Redmi 3S. According to a few days test, both smartphones comprehensive performance make us satisfied. Xiaomi Redmi 3s is better than ZTE Blade A2 in OS, battery life ,etc. But ZTE Blade A2 wins in fingerprint scanner, camera, etc. So are you still confused to choose which one? After enjoying the review, you can find your answer.

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