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Xiaomi Mijia STYTJ02HZM 1T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping Mopping 3000Pa S-crossTM 3D Obstacle Avoidance VSLAM Visual Navigation with Front Facing ToF Camera APP Control

Xiaomi Mijia STYTJ02HZM 1T Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Main Features:

● S-crossTM 3D Obstacle Avoidance: ToF 3D distance measurement and obstacle avoidance technology applied in unmanned field can quickly achieve the distance measurement and obstacle avoidance of obstacles.

● Intelligent Perception of Three-dimensional Environment: Not only can it quickly sense obstacles such as thread balls and slippers, but also intelligently slow down and avoid obstacles.

● Smart Space Measurement: The front ToF camera cooperates with the high-precision sensor to intelligently measure the space, in advance to avoid stuck in the bottom of the cabinet.

● 3D VSLAM Visual Navigation: By simulating neural network algorithms, dynamic surveys can be maintained during the journey, route planning and map management are more intelligent and accurate.

● Smart Map Management: After completing the first few cleaning tasks, the district map is automatically generated, and multiple map editing is supported.

● CortexTM-A53 High-performance Chip: Equipped with CortexTM-A53 quad-core processing chip, it can locate the accurate position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.

● New Sweeping and Mopping Function Matrix: The cleaning ability of the robot has been improved in all directions, and the new sweeping and mopping function matrix is ​​scientifically configured.
● 3000Pa Strong Suction: 3 gear suction mode.The Japanese brand high-performance brushless motor brings continuous and strong super suction power.
● Suspended Suction Port + Powerful Main Brush + High Precision Filter: The large-caliber suspension suction mouth fits closely to the ground, with a 0.1mm ultra-dense fiber main brush and a clean double-layer filter.

 5200mAh Large Capacity Battery: The battery life in standard mode is as long as 180 minutes, and the 240m super size house can be cleaned at one time.

● Intelligent Electric Control Water Tank: Equipped with a 250mL intelligent electric control water tank, without leakage. It can be wet towed 160m² of ground by adding water once.

● 3 Gear Water Volume Control: In order to meet the needs of different floor cleanliness, three gear water volume adjustments are set up to carefully clean all kinds of stains.

● Efficient Collaboration of Professional Sensors: Not only can obtain more accurate and complete location information, but also maintain the safety of the route.

● Mijia APP Remote Control + Voice Control: Through the Mijia APP, you can control the cleaning progress in real time on your mobile phone, and you can also remotely control and switch regularly. Voice control only support Chineses version.

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