Parkman E2 2200mAh Portable External Power Bank Review

In the world of telephone in most cases we have the problem of a battery that we get to be short even to take the day always comes. Luckily there are more than hundreds of options to have a source of extra battery, in many cases so portable that not notice that we carry in your pocket.

With Parkman E2 going a step further in convenience when using it and we can not just ignore bring a cable that allows the connection between our Smartphone and battery, but also we do not have to hold her down.

The very simplistic box brand logo, model and some specifications on the back where we get interesting data as capacity (2200 mAh), and amperage load (1 Amp).

Inside we find the small device that have inside a typical battery 18650.
It offers very good quality construction. That itself is pretty dirty, it has blamed the soft coating and matte paint used.
On the front has 4 holes that will indicate the charge that we have in the powerbank well again, the brand logo

In the back we see some specs


On the left edge are the micro USB connector to charge. According to the manufacturer needs a 5V input and 1 Amp.

In contrast, a small button that we will use if we want the 4 front blue LEDs tell us the battery available.


After removing the cap found right in the center the micro USB connector to connect to Smartphone. Certainly it has a longer length than normal if we have a cover on our Smartphone or use a connector with more depth.


Using it could not be easier, simply remove the top cover which incidentally has a hole to put a string and so prevent us perish, and connect the micro USB port of our Smartphone. As you can see in the pictures it is perfectly integrated and unless we use the Samrtphone side, do not mind in the slightest use. It looks good subject. It has been tested on a Meizu MX5 and I would definitely come great. That if, in samrtphones having the charging connector on the side or off to one side, the user experience worse and pretty.

图片5 图片6

The capacity of this battery is quite low as we have been able to read above, even so to save us from trouble is not bad. Meizu MX5 in charge specifically reaches almost half a step, on the other hand, somewhat slow because only takes one amp.

In short, an excellent idea that while it is improved in terms of specifications, earn points for comfort in use and quality of the device.

This powerbank you can find it on amazon just 9.99 €.

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