Xiaomi MI5S Pro Tear Down Review

Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus have started to sell now. And the main feature of MI5S is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass and ‘Dark Eye’ camera. Today we will tear down Xiaomi MI5S Pro with Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB, 3D Touch. According to the tear down, we can know Xiaomi MI5S internal layout, and the back metal cover processing is exquisite, and makes nice process in its cooling.

But due to the design problem, Xiaomi MI5S has ditched OIS and Infrared function to use Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, if this function is broken, it will need to pay higher repairing fee.




We tear down this grey Xiaomi MI5S, this time it adopts all metal body, its golden and dark grey uses high gross drawing craftsmanship on its back cover for golden and dark grey color. But we don’t feel cold with metal design. The silver and rose golden surface uses matte grinding processing which looks very simple. The back cover with antenna looks stand-out compared with other places of its back cover.


Xiaomi MI5S still supports dual Nano SIM card, dual standby, netcom, but it doesn’t support using TF card to expand the storage. The card slot uses good design to avoid users inserting the SIM card opposite.


Remove the screws, the back cover is connected by the buttons on both sides, but the buttons are few.


On the back metal cover has graphite heat stickers in order to keep the nice quality of signal.


The part of injection molding retains the main camera fixing in order to prevent the camera from moving.In addition, Xiaomi MI5S earphone jack has also got insulation by injection molding.


There is a Fragile sticker covered the screw on the top and down of the mainboard. It means when you tear down to this step, you will lost the official maintenance qualification.


The protection panel uses many screws to connect the body, meanwhile, they can fix many connector on the motherboard.


The battery of Xiaomi MI5S uses two stickers to fix in order to be convenient for maintenance and exchange.


Xiaomi MI5S uses a 3.85V working voltage and charging voltage 4.4V 3200mAh battery.


The bottom is the speaker, USB Type C, microphone, moter,  etc. Xiaomi MI5S screen supports 3D Touch,


The sound cavity speaker module and antenna shrapnel、


The bottom is the small plate, powered by the USB Type Port. And its interface has supported insulation。


It is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner module feature which has used the high definition ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, it forms the 3D module of fingerprint according to the back time of convex and concave of fingerprint based on Ultrasonic.


It’s the screen touch chip, Xiaomi MI5S uses Synaptics S3331 touch chip.


It takes advantage of the metal material on the top of the body and under the motherboard to make the groove corresponding to cut off as the shield that can be helpful to reduce the phone thickness, but also enhanced the cooling processing in the important chip placement.


This time the main feature of Xiaomi MI5S is the back camera that uses 1/2.3inch Sony IMX378 sensor, 12MP. In photo sample, Xiaomi MI5S has shown the advantage in taking pictures at night.


This time Xiaomi doesn’t add OIS, in order to keep the camera not stand out.


The light distance sensor module.



Because Xiaomi MI5S mainboard back chipset shield is welded on the mainboard. According to the main board, it shows the signal, receiver, NFC antenna and 3.5mm earphone jack, so there is no other place to put the Infrared recognition module.


According to teardown, Xiaomi MI5S internal design has nice layout, the back metal cover has used Injection molding with exquisite processing for better cooling, such as the graphite stickers, in order to keep the phone’s thickness, it uses shield to ditch the OIS and Infrared function. The overall tear down is not so difficult, but about the maintenance, if the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is broken, it is a little difficult to repair or change.

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