Blackview A8 Max vs Vkworld T1 Plus Review

Blackview recently has released the cheap device, Blackview A8 Max, and VKWorld has also been busy with the sale of VKWorld T1 Plus, we have discovered this two smartphones have much similarity. So we would like to compare with Blackview A8 MAX and VKWorld T1 Plus for you. They both belong to the latest Quad core smartphone. Which one do you prefer?

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Blackview A8 Max is different from VKWorld T1 Plus in screen size, the former has 5.5inch HD screen, the latter has 6.0 inch HD Corning Gorilla Glass Screen, due to cheap cost, so they use HD screen instead of FHD one. In design, they are similar a lot, but VKWorld T1 Plus has fingerprint scanner on its back, Blackview A8 MAX doesn’t have. That’s on of the reason that VKWorld T1 Plus is a little more expensive than Blackview A8 MAX.

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VKWorld T1 Plus CPU


Blackview A8 MAX CPU

Blackview A8 MAX is powered by MTK6737 1.3GHz Quad Core, but VKWorld T1 Plus comes with MTK6735 Quad Core 1.0GHz, in terms of processor, MTK6737 processor is more powerful, although they both support latest 4G network.And they both have 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM internal storage which can meet our basic needs to do multi-tasking. Of course Blackview A8 Max can be expandable to ROM 64GB, so doesn VKWorld T1 Plus.



VKWorld T1 Plus Camera


Blackview A8 MAX Review

Blackview A8 Max is built with dual camera with back cameras 8.0MP with AF and flashlight and front camera 5.0MP, and VKWorld t1 plus supports Back camera 13.0MP and front camera 5.0MP,  according to comparison, VKWorld T1 Plus is better than Blackview A8 MAX in terms of back camera. So if you want the better camera, VKWorld T1 Plus will be a smarter choice. If not, why not choose A8 Max?  After all, they both can take the nice pictures for our basic needs.



VKWorld T1 Plus Battery


Blackview A8 MAX Battery

Blackview A8 MAX comes with 3000mAh battery, VKWorld T1 Plus has  4300mAh Built-in battery, which has more durable battery life than that of Blackview A8 MAX.And T1 Plus also supports quick charge, therefore, we can clearly know that the better one T1 Plus can meet our advanced needs.

Other Functions


Blackview A8 MAX


vkworld T1 Plus

Blackview A8 MAX and T1 Plus both runs the latest Android6.0 OS, but A8 Max supports some gestures like double click to wake up, but T1 Plus can support 360 degree fingerprint sensor, so if you think fingerprint scanner is necessary, why not choose T1 Plus, if not, then Blackview A8 MAX is good enough for you.


According to overall comparison, we can know Blackview A8 MAX has much similarity to VKWorld T1 Plus, such as processor, OS, internal storage, network, etc. But VKWorld T1 Plus is more powerful in back camera, battery, and fingerprint scanner. However, VKWorld T1 Plus is more expensive than Blackview A8 MAX, right now, T1 Plus presells at $129.99, you can enjoy coupon code: GB9% to grab it at $118.29. And Blackview A8 MAX at $89.99 now. If you care more about price, Blackview will be your first choice, if you pay attention to the performance, T1 Plus will be better.

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